hd_portraitsClass & Group Portraits

Class pictures are a favorite among all ages, and Lifetouch School Portraits offers a variety of styles to capture the excitement of the entire class. Your school decides which version to offer, then customizes the print with school colors, mascots and logos. Designs include:

Star Class Picture
Usually offered in elementary schools, this class picture features each student in an enlarged center portrait surrounded by classmate photos. Schools choose the design theme and colors, and can include a mascot and/or logo. 8" x 10".

Digital Group Picture
Also offered in elementary schools, the Digital Group Picture includes border designs, mascots and other enhancements chosen by the school. 8" x 10".

Contact your local Lifetouch office to learn when class pictures will be offered in your school or convert your school to a Lifetouch class picture.

Digital Group Picture

Big Picture and Star Composite
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