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With schools facing budget and staff cutbacks and higher levels of accountability, teachers are being asked to do more with less.

In this environment, anything you do to show appreciation for effort and accomplishment is a real morale booster. That’s why our staff reward and recognition program offers tools that allow you to:
 • Publicly thank and salute hard-working staff
 • Save teachers time and money in carrying out their classroom duties
 • Provide teachers with complimentary professional development opportunities

Learn more about our programs that help you recognize and reward staff:
 • “Rising Stars” teacher posters
 – Poster-sized classroom composite photo featuring every student
 – Ideal for display above the blackboard – showing that every student counts, and every student is a “rising star,” with the potential to achieve greatness
 – Intended as personal keepsake for each teacher at year-end, with space for students to autograph
 • Photo & “Motivator” banners
 – Eye-catching, custom-designed banners that can be personalized with group or individual photos to recognize effort and achievement
 – Striking way to introduce staff and celebrate honors such as Teacher of the Year
 – Ideal for high-traffic areas in your school building
 • Partners in EducationTM recognition materials
Colorful, professionally designed certificates used by administrators to recognize staff effort and achievement

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> Rising Stars Teacher Posters
> Photo & Motivator Banners
> Partners in EducationTM 

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